Alpha Smartwatch Smart Watch Strapsz
Alpha Smartwatch Smart Watch Strapsz Black Leather
Alpha Smartwatch Smart Watch Strapsz Silver Silicone
Alpha Smartwatch Smart Watch Strapsz Black Silicone
Alpha Smartwatch Smart Watch Strapsz Black Steel
Alpha Smartwatch Smart Watch Strapsz Silver Steel
Alpha Smartwatch Smart Watch Strapsz
Alpha Smartwatch Smart Watch Strapsz

Alpha Smartwatch

Regular price $99.99

Our Alpha Smartwatch is stylish, elegant and designed for a casual, business, and Healthy Lifestyle!

Listen to your favorite music, monitor your health, track your athletic performance, one-touch calling, remote messaging, and more with this stylish smartwatch that connects to all smartphones.

High Definition resolution on a crystal clear full screen display. 

Easy to access all apps with the rotary button or use the touch screen. 

Bluetooth hands-free calling through your watch, making communication more convenient.

Our Alpha Smartwatch supports wireless charging reducing cable cluttering.

Choose a Smartwatch Band that first your style. We add a second strap for free so you can switch your style anytime.

Track your athletic performance during your exercises and improve your overall health with the sports monitoring function.

This smartwatch is IP68 waterproof so you can wear it in all weather conditions.

The Alpha Smartwatch monitors your blood pressure and oxygen levels throughout the day.

Listen to your favorite songs and podcasts through the Alpha smartwatch media player.

The Alpha Smartwatch connects with all smart phones with a bluetooth connection.

Here are 8 reasons why our new Alpha Smartwatch will be the perfect watch for your lifestyle:


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