FAQ - Lige Smart Watch

Does it connect to all Smartphones? 

Yes, it connects to all smartphones.

What app does it connect to?

It connects with the Da Fit App that you can download for free in the App store.

What time format does the smart watch show?

You can choose from all different time formats in settings and you can also choose from different timer displays like analog and digital to match your daily style.

Can I use it to make calls?

Yes, you can make phone calls through your smart watch.

What messages can I receive on the smart watch?

You can receive messages from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Phone Messenger, Skype and Line to name a few.

Can I also get notifications on the Lige smart watch?

Yes, you can receive notifications from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media apps.

What is the diameter of the screen and the size of the band?

The ring diameter is 1.7 inches (4,5cm), screen diameter is 1.4 inches (3,5cm) and the band size is 10.2 inches (26cm).

Is it waterproof?

Yes, the Lige Watch is IP 67 Waterproof.

Does it have sleep monitoring?


From where do you deliver?

We have 3 warehouses, one in the US, one in Europe and one in Asia.

How does it charge and how often do you need to charge this smart watch?

You can charge the smart watch with the included USB cable. Depending on how actively you use the watch we recommend charging it every 4 to 7 days. It takes an average of 2-3 hours to fully charge the watch.

Does it have internal storage?

It has some storage to save your favorite phone numbers, but for the rest, it connects to your smartphone where all data will be stored.

Is there a warranty on the watch?

We have a 1 year warranty and a 30 day "change-of-mind" return policy for this smart watch.