iWatch or Apple Watch - What Is the Official Name of This Smart Watch?

iWatch or Apple Watch

What’s wrong with this sentence: "Hey Steve, how’re you doing?"

It all looks great on the surface, only, your name’s not Steve. Does it matter? Of course it does!

Is it iWatch or Apple Watch? Do you know for sure?

If this question has been keeping you up at night, then you can now rest easy knowing that we have the definitive answer right here.

Is It iWatch or Apple Watch?

The short answer to this nagging question? Apple Watch.

Why has there been so much confusion over the name of this awesome little device though? And why has Apple strayed from the much-loved and easily recognized ‘i’ prefix?

While there’s no official statement from Apple as to their deviation from their naming conventions, there are a few interesting facts surrounding the name of the Apple Watch.

Why No ‘i’?

We’re all used to the iPad, iPod, and iPhone and their link with Apple and the consistent quality and style that they strive for. But that trend started over 15 years ago, and so many other brands have jumped on the Apple wagon and tagged an ‘i’ onto their product since then.

Now, the general feeling is that it’s a little tired and wearing a bit thin.

Many of Apple’s recent products have dropped the prefix, such as Apple Pay and Apple TV, so the brand is certainly moving in a different direction.

Another theory is that, while their products are at the top of the technology heap, they are also fabulous fashion accessories, a fact which Apple loves. With a keen focus on design, the name Apple Watch sounds less ‘techy’ than iWatch and draws a certain level of panache from the brand name.

Trademark Issues

Besides brand direction and public perception, there was another reason why Apple chose not to use the name iWatch.

Several companies in the U.S., Europe, and China hold various claims on the name iWatch. For example, the European company Probendi Limited is the only legal entity allowed to use the name iWatch within the EU, a right which they have guarded carefully since 2008. In China, there are no less than nine separate companies that hold trademarks on the iWatch name.

Understandably, being unable to trademark their product in so many places around the globe, the logical step was to use the Apple Watch moniker.

The Genius of the Apple Watch

Whether you call it iWatch or Apple Watch, it takes nothing away from this incredibly smart product.

The Apple Watch is a reliable fitness tracker offering practical statistics to keep you healthy. Add to this an instant connection to your family and friends, easy payments, access to music, fast texting, and effortless calling.

Technology aside, it really is a thing of beauty.

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