7 Tips Every Apple iWatch Owner SHOULD Know!

7 Tips Every Apple iWatch Owner SHOULD Know!

So you just got a new apple watch or you already had one for a while. Here's a list of seven tips that every Apple watch owner should know.

7 Tips Every Apple iWatch Owner SHOULD Know

Tip 1: How to swipe up and down in Apple watch applications

Getting into your notifications or control center is as easy as a swipe down or swipe up, but it's not quite that easy one inside of other applications. In fact, Swiping up or swiping down does nothing at all. But if you press from the top and hold briefly and then continue to swipe down, the notification shade will appear and the same applies to the control center and swiping up from the bottom.

Tip 2: Easily find your iPhone with your Apple iWatch

Speaking off the control center, most of you probably know that if you press the Find My iPhone icon, you will be able to have your iPhone play a sound so that you can easily find it.

Sometimes in a darker room, you might be able to hear your phone but still can’t quite see it. However, if you long press on the Find My iPhone icon, it will activate a flashlight and give off this strobe effect to help you find your iPhone faster.

Tip 3: Using your Apple iWatch as a TV remote control

Losing your iPhone is pretty common, but losing your TV remote, especially that that slippery little Apple TV remote, is a much more common occurrence. So you could use your phone of course but if your phone is also Mia or if you just don't feel like reaching for it then you can also just use your Apple iWatch as a TV remote. Simply go into your apps and find the remote app. Select your Apple TV and you can swipe around and tap on TV OS using your iWatch easily and quickly.

Tip 4: Switch from the Honeycomb app layout grid view to list view

Ahh, the Honeycomb App layout. Well, it might look visually pleasing to som or it might be fun to zoom in and out of all of your apps. Using this layout to find a specific application can be a bit of a nightmare. My suggestion is to force touch when viewing your apps and change from the grid view to the list view. Now all of your apps are organized alphabetically and you can easily find what you're looking for by rotating the digital crown or swiping through your apps.

Tip 5: Unlock your Mac Computer with your Apple Watch

This next tip is a game-changer, especially if you are using a Mac at home or work and you hate typing out your long password all the time to log into your computer. If you go into settings and security and privacy, you'll see an option that says “unlock with Apple”. You will be prompted to turn on a passcode for your Apple watch if you haven't done so already. But once everything is set up, every time you go to log into your Mac it will recognise your Apple iWatch and automatically unlocks your computer for you. It’s Amazing!

Tip 6: Using predictive text options for easier sending messenger with your Apple Watch

The scribble feature in messages on your Apple Watch can be cool and useful but sometimes typing out long words can be a bit annoying. Fortunately, there is a better way. Type out a few letters of a long word and then use your digital crown to bring up some predictive text options.

Tip 7: Disable automatic launching your audio apps

Finally one of the more annoying things with the Apple watch is the auto-launch of Audio Apps. Basically, whatever you have music going on and you look at your watch, you're going to see your music controls first and you have to back out of that to access anything else. It’s pretty annoying sometimes.

If you want to turn this off, then simply head into settings > general > wake screen and turn off auto-launch audio apps.


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